The ACME Standard -- the pinnacle of perfection.

ACME Jewelry has grown from its humble roots as a jewelry store in Makati to its present status as one of the Philippine’s premiere jewelry stores. More than two decades has laid down the foundation of a legacy built on the pursuit of perfection.

After more than two decades of being in the business, ACME Jewelry has left an indelible footprint as a 100% homegrown brand that creates timeless and innovative jewelry designs. Our unique handcrafted designs remain relevant to the present while drawing inspiration from the future.

The Greek word for perfection is the basis of every innovative design from ACME Jewelry.

From our humble beginnings in 1993 to today, the pursuit to create the country’s best jewelry is why we became one of the Philippines’ premiere jewelers.

This is the ACME legacy: timeless elegance, expert artistry, and classic luxury. Our fine jewelry are handcrafted by local artisans who have honed their skills with years of training and experience. Our superior knowledge of precious gemstones and jewelry-making makes us the masters of our craft.

We guarantee that any choice from our collection will always fulfill the ACME Standard.